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im bored... so i did this app. tehehe.

xX Some of the obvious… Xx
1) Name: liz
2) Age: 14 in less than a week!
3) Birthday: april 15 91
4) Location: charlotte nc
5) What kind of music do you listen to?: new rock, emo.
6) What is your style?: black emoish? i donno, some times im emo, some times im punk sometimes in rock. i dont know.
7) Status: single

xX Favorites Xx
8) Color: black and lime green
9) Food: pizza
10) Band: hawthorn heights, three days grace, eisley, straylight run, evenescence.
11) Song: eisly teliscope eyes.
12) Actor: adam broody
13) Movie: center stage, new best friend, thirteen
14) Article of clothing: my chucks.
15) Thing about a guy: eyes
16) Type of guy: (ex. tall dark and handsome ;)) emo. long black well not really long hair, pale, and blue eyed. whistle whistle

xX Guy ♥ Fetish Xx
17) Who are the hottest Actors/famous guy? Explain. adam broody is really hott and he is really funny on the oc. is he not? i think he is. also
18) Why should you be in this community? cus i already am and i rock.

xX Picture Time! Xx
19) Three males who are worth a Fetish:

von) the guy. hes from three days grace. w00t.


tree)  i dont know who he is but hes hott.

21) Something Random:

 i love amy lee! eek.
22) Who are you crushing on?:

(These are random questions by Rebellified. So just answer them…)
1) What is the last book you read? Sun of the Mob, Gingerbread, and
2) Do you swear a lot? If yes, what word/ phrase do you say most often? i dont swear like its all i ever say, but when i do usually say fuck if i swear.

(Questions By Mucho_love)
1) What kind of group are you classified in? (ex.prep..gothic...emo...ect..) gothic and emo. thats what im called most.
2) What are you going to give to our community that we cant? me. because im the only me out there so yea. shove it. :p

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