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..Guy ♥ Fetish..

-for Lovers only-

Guy ♥ Fetish
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This is a rating community. You will be rated by your personality, looks and who you think is "Guy Fetish" worthy.

Dont be afriad to apply. Mucho_love and Rebellified are TOTALLY diff. but best friends. we just wanted to start a community together and this was our common ground. we are both in love with guys. Lizzie (rebellified) is not that tough of a grader. Tatiana (Mucho_love) is very oppinionated. so If you cant handel it. then dont apply. we can be mean. this isnt for little girls.

the community name speaks for its self basically. If you would like to Join. just know we'd love to have you if you love guys.
put everything big long entries, pics...ect. under a cut.
when doing an application, put it under a cut that says "I Love Guys" untill a mod tells you your a member of the community,or you get stamped do not post anything. or comment on anything. if you do, your app will get deleted or you will be banned and you wont be part of the community.

Promoting is fine. As Long as its Moderate.

Try Not to Pick fights. If you dont like what people are saying. get over it.its their oppinion

You must be at least 13 years old.

We arent as tough as links. Links are aloud but not too many. kthx ladies.

Guy ♥ Fetish Application (by your mod[s]/ manager[s]: Rebellified and Mucho_love)

xX Some of the obvious… Xx
1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Birthday:
4) Location:
5) What kind of music do you listen to?:
6) What is your style?:
7) Status:

xX Favorites Xx
8) Color:
9) Food:
10) Band:
11) Song:
12) Actor:
13) Movie:
14) Article of clothing:
15) Thing about a guy:
16) Type of guy: (ex. tall dark and handsome ;))

xX Guy ♥ Fetish Xx
17) Who are the hottest Actors/famous guy? Explain.
18) Why should you be in this community?

xX Picture Time! Xx
19) Three males who are worth a Fetish:
20) two to five pictures of you…. If you don’t have them, don’t apply till you do. Not trying to be mean but we are a rating community.
21) Something Random:
22) Who are you crushing on?:

(These are random questions by Rebellified. So just answer them…)
1) What is the last book you read?
2) Do you swear a lot? If yes, what word/ phrase do you say most often?

(Questions By Mucho_love)
1) What kind of group are you classified in? (ex.prep..gothic...emo...ect..)
2) What are you going to give to our community that we cant?